Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 2nd coldest place on earth

Apparently Calgary held that record today with -33C, the coldest was the South Pole with -38C, now that's base temperature add the wind to that and at one point Calgary was -41C.

It was about -28C with wind and -21C without at site today so way warmer than yesterday. If you were out of the wind and in the sun it felt quite nice actually.

I used my street savvy skills to text my go to cab driver to pick me from the plane so I didn't have to fight everyone else for a cab. My plan to leave stuff at site also allowed me to get off the plane with just a computer bag so it was a speedy exit.

My day was stupid busy today as I what I thought was a one hour meeting turned into 3 hours. Which meant I got nothing done that I wanted to. I got a bit more info on my new job starting Monday and it sounds absolutely exciting and a wee overwhelming all at the same time.

I had a healthy breakfast and could only eat half my lunch before I had to pack up and get to the plane. I had no snacks on the plane at all so I was starving when I got home.I treated myself to spaghetti for dinner with some precooked bacon added to my organic pasta sauce. It was quick and filling plus absolutely yummy.

The trip home from the plane was crazy as it was bumper to bumper traffic the whole way. Next week when I start my shift schedule I'll be landing later on Thursdays which might be better traffic wise.

Tomorrow after work I'll do a little more shopping to get sorted for site as Thursday I'll be out after work and I'd like to start decorating my house for Christmas on Friday.

In case you didn't know Biggest Loser is having a "Where are they now" special tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.

Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday.


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Carol said...

The second coldest place on earth was a lie started on some website. Calgary was somthing like the 20th or 30th coldest place in Alberta. The weather dude on CTV straightened us all out.