Monday, November 22, 2010

Now that is cold

Arrived safe and sound this morning and wowsers it is cold up here. The jacket, boots and layers held up well. Where I really felt it was on any bare skin for example my cheeks. I felt like little needles were poking me. Super happy I wore long johns but part way through the day I had to take them  off as it felt like I was wearing snow pants.

On the way back to camp it definitely dipped into the -40C with windchill, boy am I happy that I had my master plan of how to handle carting my bags around.

Now my office is more or less set up and the potato head got lot of attention today. They are totally an ice breaker. Apparently what I shipped form Calgary arrived. The question is arrived where as they haven't turned up just yet. My first schlepped load of stuff is now unpacked in my permanent much smaller camp room. It's not so bad actually and quite cozy. I think I'll be totally set with one more load of clothes. Tomorrow I will just be going home with a computer bag so that will be a very quick run into a cab.

Food wise was a little meh today as I leaned more towards comfort than healthy. Damn the cold. Well my breakfast and lunch were good, and for my dinner I opted for a hot dog and fries. I don't remember the last time I ate a hot dog.

Tomorrow will be different as I already know what I'm having for breakfast (cream of wheat) and lunch will be a healthy sandwich and then at home dinner will be a healthy omelet.

I'm already looking forward to next week as I have a pilates buddy.

Alright my friends time to wind down for me.

Hope you had a fantastic Monday!!!

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carla said...

oooh you need to come here and me to go there.
I was sweating yesterday as I headed to see Santa (82 here).
right :)