Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy belated Halloween

I was all over the place yesterday trying to get my weekly chores done and be sorted and at the door in time for the kids searching for their treats. Activity was racing to the library and back as I needed to pick up a hold and my only option was yesterday. I was walking fast.

Now I'm waiting for the cab to get to the plane so time for a quick post.

I'm still in love with my new washer and dryer as I tried the steam feature on my down comforter and pillows for the first time. It was so nice and toasty warm when it came out of the dryer I could have had a nap right there.

I've tracked everything this weekend but used flexpoints on both days, need to get that in check today.

Workout gear is packed as well as breakfast and lunch. This week it's a Healthy Steamer - Beef Merlot. I realized by the time I add all my fixings to me oatmeal it's the exact same points as the Starbucks version. Except mine has a tablespoon of coconut - kicks it up a notch.

Cutest kid of the night was a 4 year old (guessing on the age) dressed as a puppy. This kid practically stumbled to the door and I asked the mom if he/she was tired. It was kind of funny as the kid almost looked drunk and I stayed at the door till he/she got back to his/her mom in case he/she needed to be carried. Good thing mom had one of those wagons.

Not too many kids last night as I'm thinking due to being a school night. I got 23 in total which is down from last year. The first one came at 6:40pm and last one came at 8:20pm. That worked for me as I needed to head to bed due to my early wake up time today.  I do have leftover candy. Which I'll take to work later in the week. I'm thinking a few people will bring it in today.

I noticed on the calender this is foodapalooza week for me. I'm glad I noticed in advance as opposed to realizing after I ate something. I can keep it in focus this week which is good.

That's all I got for this morning so I'll talk to you all on Tuesday.


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