Monday, November 08, 2010

A day behind

It was a bit strange not to have to get on a plane today. I arrived at work and 4 people asked me why I was there. Nice to know they notice.

What I didn't factor into this week was my two days of solid meetings, which means lunch with a group and today it was chinese. Plus being out of the office for the entire day means a longer day due to things that need to be done before leaving for the day.

I get to repeat the whole thing tomorrow but I'm going to encourage the group to go to Subway. My neighbour's dog better be ready for some serious walking as I'll need to make up workouts.

I got home late and thought Biggest Loser was on and then realized I'm a day ahead as normally I'd be chilling in my camp room and not standing in my living room.

While I love daylight savings time for the extra hour of sleep I forgot how it also means coming home in the dark. I like winter, I like the crispness in the air, I like how everything is so clean when it snows and I really love when the snowflakes look like mini diamonds. What I'm not crazy about it is the going to and from work in the dark. Magically on Dec. 15th it get a minute lighter every day.

Hope you all had a marvellous Monday!


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