Tuesday, November 02, 2010

People are funny

I'm on the plane home tonight, we've landed and the flight attendant is reminding everyone to keep their seatbelts fastened until we come to a complete stop. Some idiot reaches up and opens one of the overhead bins which then prompts her to say "that included the overhead bins".

Site was good this week, the weather would have been beautiful if there wasn't the crazy arctic type wind. I was wearing my company winter jacket which was good due to the weather but it's a bit too roomy which is kind of awesome because when I first got it - it just fit. It's kind of awkward big now and not great for colder weather as air can get in.

While I'm on this flight schedule Monday workouts are hard. I'm up at 3:30am and I'm on the 6pm bus back to camp later on. By the time you eat dinner (you're pretty darn hungry by 6pm) it's now 7pm and all I want to do is take a shower and go to bed. In theory I could get up early the next day and do it before I go into work but I take the 6am bus and then I have to leave for the plane by 2pm. If I was staying later I could take a slightly later bus in so I had time to shower.

I tried to get my ahead around what it would be like to be at site for a few more days in row and I think it would make planning way easier as it would involve more consistent hours to develop a pattern. Plus I have friends there who work out together.

Food went really well and water was better than usual, could be better. Tomorrow when I get home I'm going for a mega walk outside as the weather is supposed to be nice.

Today I heard the first Christmas tune in a commercial (Thanks President's Choice). It's bizarre that it's November already.

Hope your last few days went super well.


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Candice said...

You are such a rockstar for making this work while having such a crazy travel/work schedule! Way to go girl!!