Thursday, November 04, 2010

Running on fumes

Oy vey I'm tired.

Yesterday getting home from work was a long laborious process due to mega traffic. I got home and was exhausted.

Today was super productive work wise but really long with the added complication of not working in my normal location.

I'm so looking forward to the weekend and the long weekend I have planned for next weekend.

Tired does not help me plan wise as I tend to snack and not track. Yesterday in my paper journal I wrote "my do I sabotage myself". I've started each day this week with super good intentions but tend to shoot myself in the foot later in the day.

What I don't get is how we can be super motivated and totally in the zone then a total flip into making this whole process a battle.

Last night I cracked open "The End to Overeating" once again. I kind of raced through it the first time I read it so I want to really absorb it this time.

On a happier note I'm heading back to Vegas in March for my friend T's birthday. The theme is very much starting to look like Sex in the City. The part I'm really enjoying is I have to plan nothing. I do enjoy hearing about the plans as it builds the excitement.

It's now no longer about goal for the rest of the year as it's unrealistic to lose 30lbs in two months. It's not about throwing the plan out the window either. Then I think of March, I could so be at goal by March bring on Operation Hottie part deux.

Never give up!


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