Thursday, November 11, 2010

My little hot water bottle

That's the dog, she never left my side the entire time she was with me and last night she slept with at least one body part i.e paw, head, entire body touching me. It's so funny to watch dogs dream and one point I'm sure she was as the little sounds and twitching paw seemed like she might have been dreaming of chasing a squirrel.

I'm still excited about the new job and the mind is racing.

The dog and I went for a walk this morning and it was chilly, there was frost on all the vehicles, the grass and the lamp post so it was fairly quick. Later closer to noon we went for another one and this time longer. I dropped her off at her house at 1pm and then I came home took some advil and had a nap. I had a monster headache.

Now the headache is gone and I feel refreshed and thinking what I should have for dinner. I have go to to work tomorrow for a few hours to do some catch up. Yes it's a day off but I figure it will also be pretty quiet with little interruption and I can get a lot done in a minimum amount of time. I'm just there to get a few things off my plate to set up next week for success.

I was reading Sarahlou's blog (glad to see you back by the way) and as she's recenlty moved back to the UK she's following the ProPoint plan now. Yesterday she mentioned how the leader determined her daily points and it wasn't a questionnaire like usual. That made me think back to the day we were filling out the cards in my meeting, when I left that meeting I saw them filing the cards to match the record files of us. I had wondered why they wanted our membership number and registration number. Hmm..I'm guessing the same thing will happen here. I wonder if the plans will be a bit different or just have different names. Still very much looking forward to this.

Alright that's all I got for today.

Hope you took a moment today to think of all those service men and women who have fought/ fight to protect us.


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