Sunday, November 14, 2010

I got the magic in me

I love this song by B.0.B and Rivers Cuomo and I do have the magic in me. By saying that I mean I am in control of my actions, my effort and my dedication towards anything I put my mind to. It's funny I put loads of effort and work into work but I always sacrifice the effort to get to goal first. My goal to get to goal deserves just as much effort.

I have tracked every bite, lick and taste for two days now. I've got my butt off the coach and gone for a mega walk yesterday and today. Tomorrow I'll do step aerobics to add some variety.

I broke out the stickers and put them on my calendar to mark activity for the past few days. My goal a sticker each day this week.

Here is the tale of my two mega walks.

1:10:48/ 8.23km/ 419 calories burned/ Pace 8:37-7:56/ HR 161-142

1:12:05/8.17km/409 calories burned/ Pace 8:50-8:14/ HR 153-140

I did the exact same route each day but note the little differences. That comes down the moment I turned the garmin on or off and it felt a little harder today. It was completely overcast and kind of blechy looking when I went out today not sure if that effected it.

I'm working on bringing the weight loss mojo back. I'm also weighing myself every morning again to keep me going. It's all about baby steps as even last night about 2hrs after dinner my instinct was to go in search of a snack and then consciously thought I'm not hungry so I settled for water.

I'm also keeping a close eye on protein. I've noticed a big difference since adding walnuts to my morning hot cereal (oatmeal or oatbran) as it keeps me full way longer and therefore not so tempted to go buy a muffin.

On my walk I noticed today that one of neighbours has covered their lawn in inflatable Christmas decorations since yesterday. It's crazy they have like 6 or 7 giant blow up decorations on their lawn. I overheard this girl on the bus who already had her tree up. Wowsers. My tradition is to put the tree up the 4th advent/ Sunday before Christmas. So with Christmas day landing on a Saturday the decorations will go up Nov 27-28ish.

I hope you guys had a nice weekend, I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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