Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What were they thinking?

Got off the plane today to see families waiting for our arrival. There was one little girl I'd say she's about 3 and she was wearing platform wedge sandals. Yes I'm talking about a sandals with a high heel.

That made we think "What!", that can't be good for a leg that's still forming.

Alas on to other things, this trip was good and a wee bit sad knowing I won't be back for a month. I really enjoy the people I work with up there. I love my new office. The oatmeal and salad went really well. My dressing was a bit heavy on the vinegar/citrus so next time I'll add some spice perhaps.

For lunch today I didn't like the look of any of the premade sandwiches. Recently I found out the peanut butter/ jelly premade sandwiches have butter on them. So instead and to keep the points reasonable I grabbed the highest fibre bread that was next to the toaster at breakfast and took one pack of Jiff peanut butter and a pack of jam. I toasted the bread at lunch and had my own pb/j sandwich. I probably could have just stuck to peanut butter and enjoyed just as well.

I'm still zonked so I had some edamame for supper and I'll be heading to bed early again. I have massively busy days ahead of me in my attempt to liberate myself by 2pm on Thursday. Workouts have not been the priority they should me as I need every spare minute lately.

I'm debating on weighing in Thursday morning and waiting until my normal Saturday instead the following week. I'll decide tomorrow. I just feel like this week has been off and I'm looking forward to after Labour day when routine is again established.

I heard that by the time I go back to site the big gym will finally be finished which means workouts can resume at site as I'm not fighting for a treadmill.

I was zonked last night and lights out by 8:15pm. Of course I woke up at 1:30am and tossed and turned.

I hope you guys had a fabulous last few days. I'll be back to tomorrow and then it will be cone of silence until I come back from my Dad's.

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Blubeari said...

That is HORRIBLE. ugh. That poor girl is going to have leg/foot problems.