Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thank you

A while back Lisa so kindly gave me this. Now it's taken me a bit to get sorted to post as there are some rules associated with this award:
Part one: Share seven things about yourself:

Seven? That's a lot but here's my attempt.

1. I once talked myself back into the country because I lost my I.D when travelling in the U.S. Now this was before 9/11 and I had left the I.D on my connecting flight so I didn't realize until I hit Denver that I was without my driver's license and birth certificate. I got on the plane back to Canada as they printed an extra boarding pass for me and I picked a female custom agent when I got to Calgary and explained my situation. She just asked to see a credit card (which was from a Canadian bank) and asked where I was born and in what hospital.

2. I'm an only child which I think caused a rather active imagination as I used to play board games with my stuffed animals. I once overheard someone giving advice to a newly pregnant person about how it's best to have at least two kids. I found that odd as the person saying that was not an only child. I've known a lot of people with siblings and some are tight knit and some don't speak to each other.

3. I'm the only person born in Canada in my entire family. There's one American and the rest are born in Germany.

4. I adore dogs (you probably new that already)

5. A psychic once told me I was intuitive and I can sense things.

6.  I can't stand anything that tastes or smells like black licorice. This included fennel and ouzo. I think cilantro tasted like soap.

7. It really suprises me that I have followers. I started this blog sort of as a diary and while on the internet I didn't really think people would read it. While I follow loads of blogs and find inspiration from then I never thought I'd provide that to someone else.

Part 2: Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.

This I find hard as there are so many great blogs and I don't want to exclude someone. I nominate all my followers as I encourage any lurkers to check out what they have to say.

If you don't have an award on your blog yet or want to add this one it is my honour to give it to you.

Part 3: Let your nominees know about the award.

If  you decided to accept this award from me I just ask that you post the 7 things about yourself.

Now on to normally scheduled programming:

I'm back to daily weighing as it helps me stay on track and this morning it was lower then yesterday.

It did start to rain at about 2am and rained steadily until about 7am, see I knew watering my lawn would cause rain.  I may head out for a mega walk shortly.

For lunch I had a new creation of carmalized onions, ground turkey, spaghetti squash, garlic and organic spaghetti sauce - it was yummy.

Laundry is done washing and now I must go hang it on drying racks. I can't wait for my new dryer as this is getting old. Last week when I had it outside my neighbour commented that I was super environmentally friendly and then I said "no, my dryer broke". I don't take credit unless I've earned it.

Hope you're having a great Sunday.


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