Monday, August 02, 2010

That's half a brownie??!!!

First thing this morning I stepped on the scale and saw I was back in the 160s tentatively. That's the great thing about being off plan, when you go back on plan you see a difference.

Had a lovely day today as I met my friend P for lunch. We went to Kensington and I haven't wandered around there in ages. A lot of things were closed due to the holiday but some stuff was open. We decided to go to Nellie's, there's a few of these in the city and there all popular but each has a slightly different vibe. This one was as busy as the rest but felt a little more laid back.

I decided to get there lunch deal which was half a sandwich, hashbrowns or salad and half a brownie. Well I knew this would be my biggest meal of the day. I had half a BLT, went with the hashbrowns (I could have gone with the salad but I haven't had hashbrowns in a while)  and when they brought the brownie to the table I said "That's a half a brownie???". The brownie was ginormous, I'm thinking full size would have been a 4 inch square and about an inch and half high. I didn't quite finish my sandwich, left a few hasbrowns on the plate and ate 1/3 of the brownie. It was all yummy.

We walked around a bit and I was home by 1:30. I then decided to go for a mega walk as yesterday's walk was a short 30min as my tummy wasn't happy. Today went better:
1:19:59/ 9.08K/ 454 calories burned/

I did get hungry at 5pm so I made zucchini spaghetti again. I think this will be a low point staple.  Then I decided to dig out my shorts to see if anything still fit. Every pair I own is way too big like at least 2 sizes too big. Whoohoo but I need to go shopping before Vegas.

My casual wardrobe consists of t-shirts, sweatpants, jeans, technical tops and workout bottoms. I'm rather limited in that area as I'm more likely to buy work clothes.

I haven't worn shorts since the last time I went to Vegas (a few years back). I don't wear shorts or skirts (in public) as for a long time I used to dress to hide myself (not so much anymore) I do think I'm awfully pale, yet I'm not ashamed to be as I choose to treat the sun with caution and protect my skin. I'm thinking if Christina Hendricks (Joan on Mad Men) can rock the pale so can I.

This Saturday I need to go shopping for some summer clothes and I'm hoping to hit sales as the fall stuff is coming in.

I've had a few people ask me why I do WW and if I find it successful. I like WW because it teaches me to be accountable (tracking), how to eat better (portions and nutrition) and absolutely nothing is off limits. That means a lot to me as if anyone tells me I can't have something then I want it. Everything in moderation plus using real food - no supplements and no packaged processed food, which I think makes it something I can carry on for the rest of my life. WW does make frozen entrees and such but it's not part of the plan.

When I follow the program it works great, when I don't follow the program it doesn't work. What I mean by that is it's the work I put in that makes it work or not. I also find meeting incredibly important as I tried online for a year and wasn't very successful. I need the accountability of standing on their scale. It's taken me a while to figure that out as I've rejoined WW 3 times. The first time I quite my Mom had died and I needed to time to deal with that. The 2nd time I quit I had lost my job and thought I could do it on my own and save the moolah. I will not quit this time.

Is this the program for you? I can't answer that. I think the key to successful weightloss is finding what works for you so perhaps experimentation is key. I tried doing it on my own - didn't work for me. I tried doing it online - didn't work for me. I go back to meetings and I started losing again. I also find the meetings themselves pretty inspirational. The lady who weighed me in this week has lost 118lbs...that's unbelievably inspiring.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday.


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misssarahlou said...

Jeez, sometimes restaurant portions are just WAY out of control!

I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about the zuchini spagetti, I might have to give this a go - yum.

I know the feeling about summer clothes, however I now where a lot more skirts and dresses... still not feeling the shorts but I love my capris. Enjoy shopping!

As for WW, I have to agree 95% of the time when you dont lose/you gain you can see what you did wrong throughout the week and when you put in 100% effort then usually you see a good change on the scale, it is more about what you put in to the program than the program it self.