Saturday, August 21, 2010

Knowing is not enough, you must apply

This was the quote of the day at my WW meeting today and it's written by Goethe. On the paper it said "German writer". I would describe Goethe more as a German philosopher as I read loads of his work while studying German in University.

At any rate it struck a note in me. I think we all know what to do to lose these pounds it's simply calories in/ calories out and activity vs the couch. Well maybe not so simple What complicates matters are emotions, situations and the fact we have to eat. It's not like we can walk away from food. It's about applying what we've learned.

My WW sabbatical got me a 2.2 gain today and I'm o.k with that. I was making a conscious decision to not follow the plan or track or even really get in any activity so today I faced up to my 10 days of throwing the plan out the window. My weigh in lady asked me if I felt bad about the gain. I told her no, life is a series of decisions and moments. This is just a moment and just a blip in time. I had fun and I don't feel bad about that. I now focus on applying the knowledge.

I picked December 11 as the end date for Operation Little Black Dress (OP-LBD). I have no idea what the date the company Christmas party is on but that date is also 16 weeks from today. I need to lose 1.95lbs per week to make goal on that day. It's doable but I'll be thrilled if I get hit goal by the end of this year so that's another 3 weigh ins after Dec 11. However the goal is 16 weeks from now. Weight Watchers will no longer be my favourite charity.

I bought a new 3 month tracker as I wanted to start with a clean slate. This is a restart. I've had plenty of restarts and I've needed every one of them I'm planning to make this one my last one. I alo put together a new spreadsheet to help me track the data.

I also bought a box of the chocolate caramel 1pt bars. I figure that's a good alternative to my recent habit of buying a chocolate bar everytime the fundraising snack cart came around.

After I got home from WI I was exhausted and had a nap. I rarely nap but it was awesome. After the nap I headed outside for a mega walk as it's been awhile since I did that.

1:11:14/ 8.23K/ 412 calories burned/ Pace 8:40-8:12/ HR 135-149

I also walked to and from weigh in/ grocery shopping netting me an additional 200 calories burned. I tracked everything today and ate 4 of the 6 activity points earned. So Day one of OP -LBD done.

These are my goals for this week:
No eating 2 hrs before bed
2L of water per day
Track everything
Activity daily (this can be cardio, yoga, exercise class, strength) minimum time 30min.

I really want to focus on the yoga not just for the physical but the mental/emotional.

I've been working an average of 11 hrs per day this week and that needs to stop. I just need to organize myself at work a bit better so I can also focus on exercise. It doesn't bother me to put in the time at work but it can not distract me from this operation. There are a few classes at Spa Lady I'd like to check out. I've enjoyed Zumba but there's also a step class and something called Iron Reps. All of these start around 6:30pm and there is no reason I wouldn't be able to go at that time.

Planning is key in all of this, if the weather is bad I go inside and if the weather is good I go outside.

Fall is so in the air, I actually saw a few yellow leaves on my walk (could be due to the string of hotter days and no water) and it's getting darker and cooler in the mornings.

I love fall. I love the colours, the clothes and not to mention the new tv season.

Now on to day two of OP-LBD and it's just one day at a time after that.

I hope you had a super fabulous Saturday.


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