Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not enough hours in the day

Oy vey, I'm busy, stupidly crazy exhaustingly busy. I get the feeling I'm going to feel behind until Mar 2011.

I'm also a bit rushed lately as not only am I wickedly busy at work I'm leaving for Vegas on Thursday.

Tonight I got home had a bit of a rest then mowed the lawn and weeded the flower beds because it wasn't raining. Every day I planned to this last week it rained. I had thought to do it tomorrow but then realized I need to pack. There is a thunderstorm watch but thankfully I got it all done without a rain drop falling on my head.

I actually had to book going to weigh in, going to the bank and going for lunch in my outlook calendar at work so no one booked me for a meeting.

Today someone tried to book me for a meeting and I had a full day. They tell me "I see you're available at 2pm can we meet then". I had to respond "I'll be on a plane". I then booked myself in the air in my outlook calendar so no one tried to book me for a meeting.

When I get back from Vegas I'm going to schedule my life so I can stay on top of my crazy work and not forget about my commitment to the little black dress.

I can't say I'm excited about Vegas yet as I still have one more day of work with multiple meetings. I find meeting irritating as they take me away from work I need to be doing. I have written a pack list so tomorrow when I get home I will pack. I'm leaving the work blackberry at home. I normally take it with wherever I go. Not this time, I fill face the 800 emails when I get home.

I have to tell  you about this strange event I witnessed in the woman's washroom at camp. There are two paper cups sitting on top of the paper towel dispenser. I never really paid much attention to it until I see a woman come in, take a cup and then disappear into the toilet cubicle. I had no idea why she needed a cup in the toilet cubicle. Then the other day I see her come out of the cubicle with the cup and she puts it back on top of the towel dispenser. It's just strange.

Today for lunch I grabbed a corned beef premade sandwich from the camp kitchen. At lunch I open up the sandwich because I usually take half the meat off. I discovered the corned beef was super fatty which immediately turned me off. So I tossed the meat, kept the bread (nothing on it) and went in search of something to put on it. I finally found a pack of jam. I could have gone to the camp kitchen for lunch but I managed to make my packed lunch work. Yeah me.

I will weigh in tomorrow at noon to see if I made my goal of being at lowest weight to date before Vegas.

I hope you guys had a fabulous few days.



H-woman said...

Just a guess, but I'd say drug testing.

misssarahlou said...

Woohoo for Vegas! Looks like we wont be able to weigh in together this weekend as you are going to be living it up in V-Town. Oh well, and I am in Newfoundland next Saturday (21st)...I may or may not be around the 28th (might be going to San Francisco...maybe we could meet for supper if you arent too busy when you get back from Vegas. Enjjoy your break and good luck at weigh in tomorrow :o)