Tuesday, August 03, 2010

All dressed up - no where to go

On my way home from work today I decided I was going to go to Zumba tonight. I got home had a little dinner, got dressed and then logged on to the gym website to check when it starts...there is no Zumba tonight. It's tomorrow, alas instead I rolled out my mat and did 40 min of yoga.

That was just fine as it was nice to be zen for awhile.

It's official - I'm signed up for a hot yoga class on Thursday...that would be 75min of hot yoga. My co-worker convinced me and a part of me is a wee freaked out. I'm not pretty when I sweat which is why I'm quite fond of working out on my own. I'm focused on keeping an open mind.

Co-worker who I will now call C told me to wear tank. I don't own any tanks so I think a short sleeved, v-necked technical t-shirt should suffice. I do intend to pick up a few tanks with my Lululemon gift card but that's not till Saturday. I looked up some reviews of the place we're going and it's described as beautiful and clean..awesome.

At work we're taking part in the Heart & Stroke foundations Big Bike event. Today the intrepid minds of the office unveiled a fundraising idea called "the heart cart". It's a mail cart filled with candy, chocolate, gum etc. Halloween size is 25 cents, full size is $1.

I bought a few halloween size twizzlers, then later a pack of smokehouse almonds and then a hersheys almond bar...yeah I need to stay clear of that thing. I'm o.k with individual wrapped things as I can eat one. Once I open a chocolate bar I eat the chocolate bar. I can't just take a little and leave it for the next day. I did think it was rather ironic that we're raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation by selling crap. Yet junk food does sell. I mentioned this at one point and I got the answer "if you're stressed a chocolate bar can help". Hmmm...yes and this why North America has an obesity crisis. Oh well, no ones twisting any arms and everthing in moderation is perfectly healthy. Tomorrrow they're selling cookies and chips. My mantra will be "good weigh in".

At lunch I zipped into the bookstore to pick up a Vegas book. The thing that's great about Vegas is that things change all the time so I wanted to read up on what's a must see.

I'm a little zonked so I might just relax and start flipping through the book.

Hope you had an awesome Tuesday.


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H-woman said...

I'm with C--you will roast in a t-shirt! And definitely capris or shorts, not pants.