Thursday, August 05, 2010

One week to Vegas and my first Hot Yoga class

Hello my friends,

It was a ridiculously busy day today and I barely spent time at my desk. I was on the move all day from one end of the city the next and didn't leave the office till 5pm (I start at 6:30am).

Got home changed and waited for C who was coming at 7pm to get me. Then it hit me that I need to pick up some American money and I better do that tomorrow as next week I'm at site Mon & Tue and then off to Vegas on Thursday. Tomorrow is stupidly busy as well so worst case scenario I do it Wednesday.

Now on to Hot Yoga. OMG it's a hot room. They say it's heated to a 105 degrees that's 40 degrees celsius.
I started sweating just laying on my mat before the class started. It was a 70min class I lasted about 50min. Then I got a little nauseous and plunked myself back down on the mat. Now Vegas should also be about 40 degrees but one can always step into air conditioning.

The poses were pretty standard but the sweat dripping gushing off every part of my body was a new experience. Watching the sweat drip flow off of everyone else was a new experience also. Every article of clothing on my body was drenched and rather awkward to take off when I got home. I have never been that sweaty and that includes during a marathon. Thank goodness I owned a mat size Yogitoes Skidless . During non hot classes I love the hand size as it's usually only my hands that slide around. The Yogitoes was soaked as well at the end but my mat was dry.

Lululemon was well represented in that class that's for sure.

Afterwards C asked me if I'd go again and I said I would. Oh there was a point where I thought I am never doing this again but I think that had more to do with the teacher. She was very agressive and I didn't jive with that. She doesn't normally teach this class on Thursdays and I don't think I'd go to any of her classes. I like my yoga instructurs to be gentle and guiding not like a drill sergent.  C told me I was doing better than some of the other people which was nice. Yoga is not a competition but I'm glad I didn't look like a complete idiot.

I will definitely pick up a few tanks and a pair of yoga shorts. I sort of envied the boys as they could take their shirts off.

Tomorrow I want to make a bit of a list for my clothes shopping trip on Saturday so I can stay focused and also not forget anything.

Weight wise this morning I stepped on the scale and I was the lowest weight I've ever been. That was a surprise. Now we just need to keep it together to weigh in.

Hope you guys had a fabulous Thursday.


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H-woman said...

If you go to a Bikram class, you'll always get a drill sergeant approach. They have to follow Bikram's script to teach his class.

I always have a towel on my mat plus an additional one to mop my brow!