Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What are the odds

At 3am this morning fire alarms went off at camp, at first I thought it was neighbours alarm clock then I realized what it was. I pulled on a pair of jeans over my pjs, grabbed my blackberry and ID then headed out.

Weren't we a happy group standing outside at that time and everyone is dishevelled and has crazy hair.

Later I found out it was probably due to some jackass smoking inside which is forbidden. Congratulations you idiot for waking 800 people up.

I got to move into the newer building on site today and I was super excited. No longer do I have to sit in a cubicle in the middle of a hallway where people take my phone, chair, power bag and network cable quite frequently. I was just about to pack up my stuff to catch the plane home when guess what....a fire drill.

What are the odds? There I stood at the muster point watching the bus I'm supposed to be on drive off. Now I start to worry a little as I didn't want to miss the plane. It's not so easy to get on another one as spots fill up quickly.  I'm lucky that I work with fabulous people as I immediately had a ride offered but it turned out I made it on a bus anyway. One of my managers sent one of her staff with me to give me a ride when we saw people waiting for an airport bus. He was so nice he waited with me just in case I still needed a ride.

I can think of a time where a day like this would have sent me straight to the Haagen Daz but it didn't today. I didn't have any snacks on the plane. I got home made the dinner I planned. Food wise did pretty well this trip. I didn't get any workout in yesterday apart from walking from meeting to meeting. Today it was walking circles around the new building as it has a very complicated floor plan. I'm going to bed early tonight as I'm zonked so no gym for me.

Weighed myself when I got home and 167.8 stared back at me. That's freakin awsome.

On to day 5.


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