Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Damn the Angry Birds

The Ipod/Iphone game not the ones outside. A friend showed me this game today on her Iphone today. On the bus home I downloaded the free version to check it out. It's highly addictive.

I did go home and change into workout clothes as I was going to Zumba tonight. I had a plan to be there on time and then I started to play this game. Then I realized I needed my polar heart rate monitor and for the life of me couldn't remember where I put it.

After about 10min of frantic searching I remembered it was in my camp bag. Now I was running late for Zumba. I did one heck of a speed walk to the gym and got there about 2min in.

What I love about this workout is it's fun. I swear I had a smile on my face the entire time and burst out laughing when Hava Nagila came on. It's a tune probably most likely found at hockey games and weddings. Apparently it's from Zumba Golden (the one designed for seniors). All I can say I hope I can do that when I'm a senior as it was a very fast dance. Of course my favourites are the salsa and merengue, I think it's because my Great - Grandmother was spanish. I never met her of course but it must be in the roots as I totally perk up when I here this music.

Food was mucho crappy today. Starting with that stupid snack cart. I'm was smokin' busy today and that's when snacking gets dangerous because I'm not mindfully eating. The good news I earned 8 AP tonight with the walk to and from Zumba and the workout itself.

Plus I expect I'll be burning significant calories tomorrow at hot yoga. I'm thinking of wearing my heart rate monitor. I will be wearing my workout capris and my lightest most breathable workout top (very short sleeves, deep V neck) that's about the best I can do. This may be my one and only time doing hot yoga.

If I really like it then I'll invest in a more appropriate wardrobe. I am happy I own a full length Yogitoes skidless towel as that will come in handy I'm sure.

I have a stupid busy day tomorrow so there will be not time for snacking as I'm racing across town from meeting to another. I'm trying to figure out when I'll have lunch right now my only open spot is 2pm tomorrow. I've alread blocked it off in my outlook calendar just in case. A granola bar will go in the workbag tomorrow.

Alright my friends I'm zonked. Hope your Wednesday was stellar.


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