Saturday, August 07, 2010

I faced...the mall

Hello my friends,
I was wiped yesterday so no posting. I definitely started to feel the effects of my foray into hot yoga as I could totally feel it in my shoulders and core.

Weigh in was down 2.4 so I'm now at my lowest weight of this round of WW so far which is 168.6. Next weigh in is Wednesday at noon as I'll be in Vegas on my normal weigh in day. This means no interruptions in the plan.

I walked to weigh in and back, changed and then walked back again as the bus stop is next to my WW meeting. I figured it got a bit more activity in.  I braved Chinook mall in search of shorts and a white outfit for P's birthday. I don't wear a lot of white.

I also went to Lululemon and used that gift card. I picked up 3 tanks (also good for Vegas), 2 headbands, a key cuff and a yoga dvd. That only came to $225 - that's store sure ain't cheap but the stuff is super good quality. I have $24 left on my giftcard that can buy 2 more headbands perhaps.

I got one pair of shorts at Eddie Bauer size 10, 2 pairs at Jacobs size 12 and tried a Ralph Lauren dress on (size 12) that I couldn't get past my knees at The Bay.  Why can't clothing manufacturers have standard sizing?

Popped downtown as the Roots in Chinook wasn't there. Got 2 t-shirts and I picked up a pair of white Havanan flip flops for the white outfit at Soft Moc. Pretty much everything I got was on sale.

My white outfit is now a white pair of shorts, white flip flops, a white short sleeved cardigan from Jacobs and a white tank top. All pieces can be broken up and worn with something else.

Pretty succesful considering I despise clothes shopping. I love clothes in magazines and on other people but the process of buying them for myself not so much.  Especially the trying stuff on part. It's the clothes off and on and off and on that I find tiresome. If the store is un-organized then it really bugs me (I'm talking to you The Bay). I love online shopping, make-up shopping and book shopping, heck I even like hardware stores. I need a Rachel Zoe or a stylist. Go pull things for me that you think I'll like then I'll try them all on in one location.

Tomorrow I must do housework and start to put together my pack list for Vegas.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!


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