Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is there a full moon?

When I worked for a staffing agency I always noticed that weird people and full moons seemed to go together. More on that in a minute.

Yesterday I set my alarm for a couple of hours before I leave for weigh in which is my usual weigh in routine. While adjusting the time I also lowered the volume. I woke up on my own on hour before I had to head out. That was lucky as I easily could have slept on. I was determined to go to my meeting today.

I stepped on my scale and didn't know what to make of it as lately it's been so very off from the WW scale. It wasn't like that before.

On my way to weigh in met an adorable pug named Charlie and then I went to Starbucks to pick up breakfast.
I got a non fat caramel latte and decided to try their "reduced fat turkey bacon egg white sandwich". I didn't know the points when I bought it. It was alright I was trying to watch them prepare it and it seemed to be a reheating sort of thing as the guy just stood there until something beeped.

When I got home I tracked it and the sandwich was 6pts. Made me think for 1pt more I can get an egg mcmuffin and McDonald's that's cooked fresh.

I'm sitting waiting for the meeting to start and this random woman gets up from her seat to sit in front of me (from  the other side of the room) and spins her chair to speak to me. She starts asking me about a woman who had just sat down in the front row. Apparently this is her nosey neighbour and how she doesn't want her to see her. However she really wanted to stay for the meeting because the topic was snacking. She proceeds to tell me a few examples of the nosey neighbour (including one about a murder in their neighbourhood) and this point I'm thinking is there a full moon because the woman talking to me is looney. I'm not sure why she just didn't tell this saga to the woman sitting next to her. I told her to sit directly behind the nosey neighbour a few rows back and then she'll be in her blind spot and not be seen (and also be far away from me).

At weigh in I was up 0.2 which I will totally take I was expecting worse so I'm quite pleased that my poor behaviour didn't cause too much damage. I did buy a new journal and some more coupons. After weigh in I went grocery shopping and got the fixings for work lunch salads. I also went to Walmart and picked up a new scale.

I love the "food watcher" app I put on my iphone. At one point I considered buying some hagaan daz mini bars as they were on sale. I plugged in the NI and for 4.5 pts each totally not worth it.

Got home and used my fancy slicer to make zucchini spaghetti with organic tomato sauce and some reduced fat Italiano cheese.

I sauteed the zucchini in some olive oil with some salt and pepper. This was delicious. The zucchini wasn't mushy and I'll definitely make this again.  I'm thinking of trying butternut squash as well.

Tomorrow I'll be making something with spaghetti squash as I have one that needs to used.

Then I unpacked the new scale (also a WW model) and compared the scales. My old scale was a 1lb and a bit more than the new scale.

I then started sprinkler olympics as all the promised rain over the past few days hasn't happened. I figured if I put the sprinkler on it would rain. Well it hasn't yet.

I bought some cherries today and had some of those as a snack in the afternoon and then for dinner I had a turkey bacon and tomato sandwich

As I'm back in the 170s I get 22pts and right now I'm sitting at 2pts over. I way still have 1/2 cup of the Real Dairy Low Fat ice cream (2pts).  All is tracked in my journal.

I strongly believe in eating your flex points.

I didn't do any formalized activity today apart from walking to and from the grocery store (2AP) which is a workout with a backpack full of groceries on the return trip.

I may still hit the mat for some yoga. I was thinking of doing a personal yoga challenge and practicing every day until the weigh in before Vegas (Aug 11).

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday until tomorrow.



Lisa said...

I love to follow your blog. I'm not in WW, but am watching my weight, so I like to hear how you balance everything. I especially enjoyed today's entry. That lady sounded priceless. If there isn't a full moon, there should be. Laughter is great for the soul. Thanks for the giggles.

demotutorial said...
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