Friday, June 11, 2010

Whatever happens...happens

This is my attitude towards weigh in tomorrow. I've had a rollercoaster week this week and my normal pattern of behaviour would be to try to rescue it today. Well today I don't really care. I'll face the scale tomorrow and then start fresh.

Blowing through all my flexpoints on Saturday was not a great idea as I've felt like I was playing catch up all week. Due to the bulk of my week being out of town my activity and attitude towards activity was not very dedicated. The meeting topic a few weeks back about staying on track on weekends really hit home for me this week. Especially the part about the pressure of overcoming the hole I put myself in.

I got home from a long day at work with a bit of stress headache and thought screw it I'm going to have what I want for dinner. I'm going to have a sundae too. The sundae was light ice cream and not in a soup bowl so that was a more positive change in behaviour. I remember the day before I joined WW for the very first time and my "final" meal was polishing off the Bernard Callebaut chocolates in the gold box.

Today was not quite like that but more like coming to terms with what I need to do to be successful over the next two months. I'm not gunning for goal in 2 months that just totally unrealistic I am gunning for cementing some better behaviour and my lowest weight on this journey so far.

Tomorrow marks 2 months to Vegas so today is my farewell to wishy washy habits. It's game on from now on the other motivational factor is the physical the day after I come home from Vegas.

Tomorrow I'm going to do day 2 of my version of the C25K and create a weight training plan. Yeah I know I've said that before but like I said it's game on now. I will post my plan and goals to becoming a better me.

Operation Hottie is in full effect to be fit, fierce and fabulous. In a way I guess I'm training for Vegas now.

Hope your Friday was fabulous.


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