Sunday, June 06, 2010

No more funny business

Down .6 at weigh in and while I'm always happy to take a loss I was a wee disappointed in myself as this week was a bit of rollercoaster that I could have handled better.

I had a high point weekend last weekend, did fairly well Mon-Tue and then had high point Wed-Thur followed by a super on plan Friday. I earned 26.5AP and had 6.5 untouched by Friday. Yesterday my Dad did finally make it in and we planted the flowers plus collected all the various branches that have been cut off and loaded on to the truck and then I had a free for all food day. The free for all was something I had planned on as a my birthday celebration. As weigh in is Saturday this is the only day I could get away with it and still have a chance at a decent weigh in. I didn't track it all until last night on Daily Plate and this morning on WW.

It was a drive by weigh in and I didn't stay for the meeting but I've been totalling the "math" of weight loss. The good thing about tracking online with WW and using the database or adding foods to the database based on single serving is that when you double it shows you the true points. When I just tracked on paper I wouldn't really double the NI to determine the true points I just double the single point value. Super easy to sneak in extra points without knowing it that way.

OMG I blew through every single flex point on Saturday, I can't remember the last time I did that. Now it's no more funny business and I must be extremely focused. I have the added challenge this week of travelling from Mon-Wed so focus is key. I also dropped a point to 22 per day thanks to moving into a new age range. Daily Plate also reduced my calories because of that. Workouts might be a wee challenge but I have me a plan.

Today I will get two workouts in. Tomorrow I'll have my treadmill date at site. Tuesday night I go to Fort McMurray instead of coming home. I've already looked up the day rate for the Mac Island fitness centre. When I get to Fort Mac I'll check in and figure out how to get to the fitness centre, according to Google maps it's a 17min walk but I'll check with the front desk if that's a walk friendly trip. The fitness centre is open from 5am to 11pm. So I could also head over first thing Wednesday morning before heading into our Fort Mac office. The other option is just walk outside but my hotel is downtown and while first thing in the morning could work, I'm not so sure about early evening. My co-workers who live there think downtown is sketchy.

Now I'm putting the laundry in the dryer so my track pants can dry and then heading our for the first workout of today which is a mega walk while it's still on the cool side before we hit +19 today.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


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misssarahlou said...

Downtown is a little sketchy for walking around... Mac Island and Keyano college both have good daily rates I think for the gyms... not sure if it would work but the kickboxing I have been trying is still free trials next week and on Tuesday night 8:15pm-9:45, thats in thickwood but not more than a 5-10 minute cab ride. Sounds like you are going to make this week a fab week! go girl!