Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Self perception can be whacked in the head

Home again and to pouring rain...yeah. My plan to take out the garbage when I got home as been moved to tomorrow morning and the hope it's still not pouring.

I'm totally wiped so declaring it a rest day even though the yoga mat mocks me from the floor. I tell you this yoga mat I don't have the energy to do the poses safely - so there. I never said Operation Hottie would be easy but now I blog and then to bed.

I completed run/walk day 3 yesterday on the gym treadmill and wowsers this thing is loud. The faster you go the more high pitched it gets. I felt like I was recovering faster than the 3 minute walk. I was aiming for a 50min workout as I wanted to grab a quick shower before heading to dinner and then off to watch the batchelorette.

My last two run/walk rotations became a 2min walk, 1 min run and it felt good. This was after 9 rounds of walk 3/ run 1 so I technically ran for one minute longer than the previous workout.

Tomorrow I head to the corporate gym and the treadmills I adore for Day 4 of Operation Hottie Run/Walk. I'm going to do walk 2/ run 1 and see how it goes. I can still feel it in my thighs especially but it gets better each time.

Today I helped my co-worker calibrate her Nike +, as I was programming it I showed her the weight on the ipod and asked if this was hers. The weight was 140lbs, the look on her face was like I had just called her fat. Her true weight was 8lbs less. I immediately thought how my goal is to be that 140lbs and to someone else it's a nightmare. To me she's quite skinny, to her she's got more to lose. I wonder what I'll be like when I get to goal. Will I look at myself and say good job or will I look at myself and say nope I need another 5lbs.

Does self perception ever line up with self awareness? Lately people have been referring to me as skinny and I immediately tell them I have 35lbs to go. They almost always say that this is too much. Yet when I stand next to a thin person I don't look all that skinny.

Thinking about it too much makes we whacked in the head.

I hope you all had a fabulous couple of days. Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

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carla said...

it is all like a whack in the cranium huh?
for me it did line up...after years of faking it till I made it :)