Friday, June 25, 2010

Operation Hottie means not giving up

I dragged myself through today and I'm not sure why. It's warm, I've been busy and I just want to sleep in. Alas that won't happen till Sunday.

Got home from work being chased by a thundershower. It was raining downtown when I left and then this big ominous black cloud was hanging in the sky emitting a rumble now and then. The wind was picking up and I thought my plans for a walk outside when out the window.

I got home changed into workout clothes, dragged out the step and attempted step aerobics. I lasted 25 minutes and 157 calories burned with a HR of 154-124. I just wasn't into it tonight. Then I looked outside and the dark cloud was gone, so I switched my gear and headed out for my walk.

1:00:27/ 7.03K/ 352 calories burned/ pace 8:36-8:01/ HR 130-143

So combined that nets me 5 activity appointments tonight. I have no idea what the scale will say tomorrow but I'm really really really hoping it's at least a pound.

I'll do my week in review tomorrow but I have realized I'm getting good at the morning snack now I need to get my head around the afternoon snack. Lucky for me I just have to go to the end of the hall and M and T each have a drawer filled with 100 cal or relatively WW friendly snacks. I can't depend on them as I need to be in control of my food intake.

Tomorrow I'm making sheppard's pie with ground turkey and sweet potato mash. If I remember I'll take pictures. Tomorrow I also bring out my inner geek as I'm going to Star Wars in Concert.

Hope you had a groovy Friday.



Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Good luck on your WI!

Awesome job on your exercise. I had to laugh...your walking pace is pretty much my running pace. lol....

Anonymous said...

Good for you that you were going to find something else to do. I probably would have just given up! Very inspiring!