Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back from the North

My work laptop definitely has an issue with wireless that I must look into. I wound up watching Bachelorette with co-worker on Monday so no blogging as I was zonked by the end of that and then my hotel room in Fort McMurray had wireless and my computer wasn't co-operating which is why I haven't blogged in a few days.

So my master plan never happened. Well on Monday I did spend 60 min on the treadmill, Tuesday I did nothing plus I went to A&W for dinner. My other options were Keg, Boston Pizza so I went with A&W thinking not so bad but still bad. I got the Mama burger and fries as by the look of the place I seriously doubted the side salad would be fresh. Of course walking back to the hotel I then saw the subway. Then I bought a ridiculously expensive brownie from the hotel coffee shop. I didn't feel so great after eating that so that was my punishment. I was tired and not using my head.

Today I was in a meeting from 11-3 so that messed up my eating plan. I had breakfast at a normal time and had lunch at 3pm when I got home at 7:45pm I had cereal. Food wise was better today then yesterday but no activity.

This trip I didn't bring a proper outside jacket as I believed the weathernetwork. I did alright up north as the weather was really nice. I came home today and it was drizzling but I got home without getting drenched. Of course 10min a ago it started to absolutely pour so I got lucky.

It's supposed to rain more tomorrow so I should pack the gym bag and go to the company gym. Going outside will probably not be an option. I had originally thought to swing by co-op and pick up a few things for the next 4 days at home.

I'm going to be getting mega busy soon and I really need to make exercise the priority so co-op can wait until Friday when the weather is better and I can go for a mega walk when I get home. So tomorrow it's a date with a treadmill.

I hope you all had a fabulous last few days.


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