Friday, June 18, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Saw A-Team today and I really enjoyed it. The story was put together in a way that kept your attention and they captured just enough of the original series to satisfy old fans while explaining the story to new fans. If you're looking for an action adventure with some comedy I highly recommend it.

I had no snacks during the movie just a bottle of water. We were going to hit the food court for lunch so I already planned on a A&W baby burger and side salad. I stuck to the plan and then discovered the burger had cheese. I didn't ask for cheese. I had planned on a grande light coffee frappucino but I had downgraded to tall so it still worked out. I had the almonds with me but opted not to eat them.

I also managed to escape the mall without buying anything. I had thought of stopping by Lululemon but decided against it. Today I wore the Germany Lulu hoody that when I first bought it felt like I imagine a girdle to feel like. Today it fit fine..whoo hoo.

Lately I have had a hard time with the 22pts a day and trying to stick that. It seems like in no time at all they're gone. Today I had to think of ways to get to that. Strange.

Technically it should be a run day today. I walked a few kms to the bus stop and back from the bus stop plus back and forth across the mall. Got home and was debating on if I should do it today or do it tomorrow to give the knees a bit of a break when the sky opened up and it poored, and for a minute looked like hail. Mother nature made the decision for me.

Instead I'll peruse the new WW magazine that was in my mailbox and clear some stuff off the pvr. Food and drink cut off at 6pm to prepare for weigh in tomorrow.

I hopped on the scale when I got home from the movie and I saw an amazingly good number. Let's hope it stays for tomorrow.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday.


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Enz said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for an amazingly good number for you :)