Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bipolar eating??

Monday was a complete disaster food wise and it began with the plane. We normally take off at just before 6am on Monday. This did not happen because there was something wrong with the plane. We now had to wait for the 8:30am flight to arrive, de-plane and then we could get going. Fantastic a 2.5 hour wait.

Of course soon food was the massive discussion as there would be no plane snacks and the kitchen would be closed by the time we got to site. Everyone gets there so early no one has breakfast beforehand. So bit by bit at least 40 of us wound up at the closest Tim Horton's. I wanted protein so I got a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and coffee. I didn't realize at the time this was a 14pt breakfast. I did discover later that if you get the bacon egg sandwich on an english muffin it clocks in at 7pts as opposed to the 10pts of the biscuit.

Then my day went down hill. I didn't make stupid choices at lunch but I couldn't settle back into plan mode. I bought Sunchips from the vending machine and had a nanaimo bar at dinner. I also made sure to grab a good chunk of veggies at each meal but by then the damage was done.

I wound up working later because I didn't get my computer plugged in until 10:30am. I got to camp and I was tired. I didn't feel like fighting for a treadmill so I just wound up watching Bachelorette.

Well today I was back on track, as you may know Tuesdays have been rough for me lately due to getting home late and being a little zonked. Well today I finished perfectly on plan. I drank a whack of water as well. On the plane home I tried to sleep when the snack cart came around so I had no snacks on the plane. Came home and had the dinner I had planned in my head. My mental rehearsing I guess.

For the rest of the week the focus is stay on plan and activity. I only work tomorrow and then I have 4 days off but no Canada Day food festivities for me it's all about focus, focus, focus and focus. I'll reconcile with the scale tomorrow morning to see where I'm at.

The important thing for me is I had a bad day and then move on. Do not dwell, do not wallow and do not overthink just move on.

I hope you all had a fabulous few days.


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