Monday, June 21, 2010

A bit of a goofy day

The mission was to be good today as yesterday ended in a wee bit of mindless snacking thanks to my dryer. I'm not freaked about buying a new one, more a wee stressed about all that needs to be done about it. I consulted the all knowing Dad and I need to call a plumber to uninstall my old dryer and install the new dryer. I think I'll go to Sears on the weekend as they tend to have sales on weekends. Before I start flipping through the yellow pages ask them if they a deal or one on retainer. By putting it off a few days will give me an opportunity to clean the laundry room. I'll pick up a second drying rack as I suspect I'll have another round of air drying before this is sorted out. I always like to have a back up plan.

It's been awhile since I did a strength workout and I forgot that 48 hours hurts way more than 24 hours. Yesterday I felt it in my legs but not my abs. Today it's all about the abs and the legs.

I kind of willed myself down the stairs of the plane this morning. Everytime I sit for awhile my muscles get angry when I get up and everytime I had to get up from a chair today was a bit of an adventure. I felt like I was walking around like some wounded animal.

I discovered a way to make a fabulous sandwich at camp. All the sandwiches are pre made - bread, meat or filling, cheese or no cheese. There's absolutely no condiments on it so you can add what you want. I normally get the whole wheat ham and cheese, I take off half the ham (there's a wee too much on there)  and then add mustard. Today I found a rye bread version, and I grabbed some sliced onion and tomato off the salad bar. At lunch I assembled the sandwich and the tomato/ onion took it to another level.

I hit the gym after work and there was another girl in there on the one treadmill so I warmed up on the spawn of the devil (aka the ellipitical trainer). I don't care for this machine but it served it's purpose. Then I proceeded to get ready for sit ups and I couldn't peel myself off the floor. It just felt too sore, I tried plank and lasted 2 seconds.

I then picked up a few handweights (10lbs) and did chest presses, bicep curls and suicide dips - 3 sets, 15 repititions. I then hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes. In total 180 calories burned. Sort of a wimpy workout for me but I tried. I had no alternative plan to do instead of the same workout I did on Saturday so I made it up as I went along.

Note to self - write a few workouts in my little notebook so I have options.

Dinner was some over cooked veggie spaghetti, mashed potatoes (my other option was brussel sprouts or french fries). I have yet to have decently cooked brussel sprouts here since the fabulous chefs left. I thought a wee bit of mashed potatoes was better than french fries. There was sheppard's pie but after my last experience I was leery. Though I did hear comments that it was good tonight. I am now feeling unsatisfied with my dinner and am fitting the urge to go the convenience window and buy a bag of chips.

My Bachelorette buddy isn't here today so I'm watching it in my room. At some point I'll grab a shower and put food out of my head. My room has the air conditioning going full blast (no way to adjust it) and it's a wee chilly. Lucky for me I prefer cool over hot.

Hope you guys are having a specatcular Monday, talk to you tomorrow when I get home.


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