Sunday, June 13, 2010

My plan - one week at a time

I've been thinking a lot about how to approach my plan to be fabulous for Vegas otherwise known as Operation Hottie and otherwise known as giving a mega jump to move this weight loss thing along - 60 days and counting.

I tend to get overwhelmed by challenges and mega planning so I'm going to approach this week by week. This also allows me to assess my fitness level to see if things need to be switched up. I need to keep challenged and I very much want to focus on cross training.

So here's my week:
Sat: Cardio - done
Sun: Strength and yoga - done- ish
Mon: Cardio
Tue: Yoga
Wed: Cardio
Thu: Strength/ yoga
Fri: Cardio

Today I mowed the lawn - 334 calories burned/ 48:08min/ Heart rate: 134-156. My lawn is not even there are hills which gives you a nice sweat fest plus must qualify as some sort of strength exercise - this is the ish next to the done on today's date.

Then I broke out the Namaste yoga dvd and did the warm up and 12 min sequence of Exalted Warrior and Sun-Moon resulting in 41:13min and 138 calories burned. I really enjoyed it as I could feel some tight spots getting a nice bit of stretching.

I need to practice yoga more frequently so I'm going back to Kate Potter and will work my way through the dvds then maybe a class. My corporate gym and Spa Lady have yoga classes as well.

Tomorrow I'm at camp so it will be a date with a treadmill and run/walk#3 but I'm also thinking a strength workout with free weights to have a true strength workout. I've written down the very first workout I did with trainer to ease myself back into that. I also recently got sucked in by an infomercial and bought Mari Winsor's Winsorslim pilates set - in the mail. Some don't count pilates as a strength workout I disagree as I know my abs and arms always feel it afterwards.

Tuesday I fly back and depending on when the plane lands it can be a rather long day so I thought yoga would be perfect on it's own. I'm leaving the mat rolled out on my living room floor so it's the first thing I see when I get home. The flight schedule changes in July which will actually get me home about 2hrs earlier than I do now so this day could be open to something more.

The other part of my goals is to drink a minimum of 2L of water a day (this has been so-so), no eating 2hrs before bed, and only buy lunch one day a week. I'm not crazy about making my lunch but it's smart financially and controlling calories. I eat two days a week at site anyway so to make 2 meals out of 3 isn't impossible. My buy day will probably be Wednesday so I can create something afterwork for the rest of the week.

Alright so now I need a book a cab and make dinner. Hope you had a fantastic Sunday...Hugs!!!

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