Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight - to complement or not to complement

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus to take me to the plane one of my co-workers asked me if I'd lost weight. I said I had lost 25lbs. She told me she noticed in the airport the day before but wasn't sure if she should say anything. She didn't want to sound like she thought I was fat before.

That got me thinking that this is why I really do enjoy WW meetings. No one is shy about announcing how much they've lost or sticking up their hand for a bravo sticker.

I got a comment today from another co-worker that I was looking good. Which I didn't take as she thought I looked bad before. I took it as a complement and it fueled my stay on track mojo.

My bravo of the day was turning down a trip to Starbucks in the late afternoon (a rather weak time as it's long after lunch but almost dinner).

After work myself and my 50lb computer bag went to the downtown grocery store to pick up a few different things that my local grocery store doesn't have like unsweentened chocolate almond milk, lilydale turkey bratwurst and broccoflower. I also got a pack of pre-made crepes (1pt) and some sweet roasted red pepper hummous (1pt). It turned into a proper grocery shop and I took a cab home. I have a four day long weekend so I need to be prepared. I briefly paused in the frozen pizza section and debated a thin crust pepperoni and then thought nah it's not worth it.

Got home had dinner and then I headed out for a walk. This time I took the Garmin FR60 and the distance was a wee off from my Garmin 305 but calories burned were the same. I burned 424 calories today.

I did step on the scale this morning and it was exactly the same from Monday morning so I'm good with that.

Tomorrow my Canada Day will be spent cleaning my house so that I have 3 days of no cleaning. Happy Canada Day to me.

Hope you had a super fabulous Wednesday!


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