Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is the lesson ever truly learned?

For some reason I sleep really well at camp that is until the alarm clock in the room went off at 4:30am. In all the times I've spent in a camp room the alarm clock has never gone off as I'm usually in a guest room so no one bothers to set it.

For lunch today I opted to go with the egg salad sandwich (thin layer of egg salad) on an onion bun. The other sandwiches looked a little sad. I rarely have onion buns, I love them but at 4pts it has to be worth it. I had a low point breakfast of cream of wheat so I thought I was in a good place.

Then the cramps kicked in, don't you just love TOM. I went in search of a diet coke to team up with an advil to deal with that. I went to the pop machine downstairs and everything was sold out. Instead I moved to the machine next to it and bought a chocolate bar....yeah I don't know what made me choose that idea.

That's alright I could plan around it and I chose not to have a granola bar on the plane. We took off from site and had a very bumpy flight to Fort Mac where we sat for 30min because of air flow control in Calgary. Then the pilot tells us that Calgary has thunderstorms and some funnel clouds have been spotted. So we're taking on extra fuel so we have some options.

Now I start to wonder when the heck I'm going to get home. A few weeks back a flight was diverted to Edmonton due to Calgary weather. I had the granola bar on the plane as I was hungry by 6pm. Everyone around me ate chips - the injustice. We landed with no incident as the storms had moved off. Murphy's Law for sure.

Then I got home and grazed my way through the kitchen - there was a handful of multigrain fish crackers, some Breyer's smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream with my cooked rhubard and then I polished of the last of the walnuts. It all happened in a short period time, kind of like a cyclone.

What was I thinking, this type of behaviour is not going to get me to down 25lbs.

Yes it was hormone fueled with perhaps a wee self sabotage due to having a weight goal in sight. I do that. However I have yet to really have a good plan for when I get home on Tuesdays. I remember writing about having frozen entrees for this type of scenario. Home late and hungry with no plan = potential disaster.

It's only Tuesday, three days to weigh in. The damage can be contained and mega activity can occur.

This is almost a repeat of last week but with lower fat ice cream this time. I need to put my Tuesday night plan into action. Of course no workout happened either. Instead I'll be folding the laundry that air dried while I was away.

Tomorrow I take part in the Walk It Challenge so that's a 5K walk, I might go for another one when I get home. Yoga will definitely happen tomorrow as it didn't happen tonight.

This is the part where I dust myself off and refocus, one bad night will not derail the rest of the week.

I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.


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