Saturday, June 27, 2009

And it begins

Since Saturdays will be by weigh in day for the challenge and my first recorded weigh in will be next Saturday, I thought I better get started know.

So tracking begins in earnest today. I'm already planning in my head. I'm going to go see UP today with a friend and plan to stop off and pick up these well talked about Larabars. I plan to have one of those as my movie snack as opposed to movie popcorn with a bottle of water. That's also technically lunch today due to the timing of the movie.

Before that I'm taking care of "hang to dry" laundry and watering my flowers.

When I get home the plan is to write that paper that was causing me stress on Wednesday. I've read over the marking grid a few times and it's not so bad. I'm looking forward to having that done.

Tomorrow bright and early I'll go grocery shopping. C is coming over for dinner and I'm thinking of a spaghetti squash, turkey meat ball, tomato dish.

Alright I might be back with a movie review.


UP is cute and I never looked at my watch once, that's rare for me in movies.
Before the movie I picked up the Larabars - the oh so talked about Coconut Cream Pie, one Cherry Pie and a chocolate coconut one.

I didn't get to try one as when I got to Eau Claire I was starving and opted for Subway instead and got a 6" Roasted Chicken Breast.

At the movies I got a pack of twizzlers, ate a a few and then put down the package.

Got home and tracked everything and I have 180cal for supper which means no Larabar. I will definitely try one tomorrow though.

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