Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kind of makes you go huh

This morning as I was waiting for my bus I see this homeless guy riding along on his bike holding two big black garbage bags. Today was garbage/recycling day in my hood and for a moment I thought he might be taking people's garbage. Then I saw him turn down an alley way and open the first blue recycling box (we all have them). He then pulls out any plastic milk jug and puts it into his garbage bag. He just went along checking every bin.

Ahhh, plastic milk jugs now have a deposit fee as of June 1st. Instead of bottles and cans this guy is going after milk jugs. Good thinking on his part as many people haven't realized they're paying an extra fee on their milk. I still felt it was a little like stealing as these people were recycling not throwing them out in the garbage. I just hope he's using the money for something that helps him.

Caught a bit of Wipeout tonight and oh my goodness that show makes me laugh. I keep seeing ads for the new "Superstars" show, based on the old "Battle of the Network Stars". I remember that show as a kid and it was kind of fun to watch actors I knew compete in challenges. Thus far I've yet to recognize one person on this new show.

I'm now watching "I survived a Japanese game show". I watched it last year and it was strangely fascinating. Majide!

I'm a bit of a pop culture junky so I can recognize relatively random people.

Tomorrow is a full day of work training followed by trainer. Caffeine will be a high priority.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Thursday night workout brought to you trainer.


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Carol said...

Better a homeless dude profiting from the milk cartons rather than the city...because it was just announced on the news about that wee "bonus" as everyone recycles their cans, bottles and milk jugs and the city then takes them in for the cash!! As if the $8 monthly fee wasn't enough...