Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back in the saddle

So after a full day of sitting down in a work training session I was actually looking forward to getting my patootie kicked.

As I walked into the gym I ran into one of my group members that I haven't seen in awhile. She said to me "nice to see you back". That took me back a little because even before my brief 3 week hiatus (2 weeks not my fault) I haven't seen her in at least 2 months. I swear she was looking me over evaluating my fitness level. Doesn't matter, I like her and she's funny. Her fitness level is similar to mine so I like that we challenge each other a little.

When I arrived at the gym my trainer was finishing his workout. My goodness I didn't recognize him. One he was covered in sweat, two he was wearing gym clothes and not his uniform. He's a skinny thing that I never noticed before.

We were in charge of our own warm ups and could do the classic situp, lunges bit but I asked if I could skip instead. This time I shortened the skipping rope a little and it went much better. I did 200 jumps (stopping in between to untangle myself - I'm not superwoman) and then did 40 sit ups.

The workout began with dumbell press ups, but this time we used the big boy dumbell - the one on the rack by itself. The bar alone weighed a lot.
We did:
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank
5 presses bar plus 10lbs
45 secs plank
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank
5 presses bar plus 10lbs
45 secs plank
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank.

400m on treadmill (he wanted running - I ran as much as I could but couldn't do it all running)
21 sumo deadlifts with a kettle bell (25lbs)
21 walking lunges holding a 20lb weight
21 dumbell swing - 20lbs
21 push ups
21 sit ups
400m on treadmill
15 sumo deadlifts same weight
15 walking lunges same weight
15 dumbell swings same weight
15 push ups
15 sit ups
400m on treadmill
9 sumo deadlifts same weight
9 walking lunges same weight
9 dumbell swings same weight
9 push ups
9 sit ups

My goodness I was wiped but at one point trainer said it looks like I was doing the homework (I haven't) but that means I rebounded in fitness level. I told him I had to miss next Thursday due to being in Fort Mac but I'm bound and determined to do the homework because I love the feeling of accomplishment. I'm really liking skipping - strange I know. I had a bit of lightbulb moment though. I can take my skipping rope with me to site. There's enough room in the rooms I usually have and that's a killer cardio workout.

So I've joined the twitter band wagon and you can find me on there under Cowgirl Warrior too. I find it really funny when I get notifications that people are following me. I have no clue how they find me based on a 140 character post. There so random, it's all very odd.

Alright I've had my hot bath to hopefully ease any muscle soreness but I'm heading to bed soon as I'm tired.

Until tomorrow - Hugs!

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