Sunday, June 21, 2009

Laying low

Yesterday I couldn't get a hold of neighbour so I took myself for a walk without the dog. I admit it's faster without the dog.

As I was leaving she was in their backyard and saw me. OMG she's so cute and was so happy to see me. I apologized to her that I had to go without her.

When I got back I got ready to go see The Proposal. It was cute and the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds is awesome. The story isn't anything you haven't seen before. I liked the Alaska setting. I would totally recommend it if you want to watch an enjoyable, funny and cute movie.

Today I am supposed to go see UP with another friend but I'm not feeling 100% so I'm hoping to reschedule. I'd rather lay low today do some laundry and organizing before I have to be on a plane very early tomorrow.

For activity today I plan do some yoga. I finally got my Namaste dvds back after lending them to a co worker and I feel like a stretching exercise today. I'm not as sore as last week but there are a few twinges.

The skipping rope is already packed in my bag for site. If there is no treadmill this time I have a back up plan.

However today I will try my first green monster. You all talk about them so much I have to try it. I'll report back on that later.

A lot of you are writing about rejoining WW. I still haven't given Daily Plate a true complete effort but going back to meetings is in the back of my head. I wish all of you great success in your decisions. Whether it's WW or Boot Camp - you will rock.


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