Friday, June 05, 2009

Dark and dreary

The weather predictions were correct in regards to rain. It started just as my bus pulled up to it's stop on the way to work and hasn't stopped. No snow....yet.

But that's alright my lawn needs it.

Got home to a note on my door from the gas reading guy saying he broke one of my fence boards as he was trying to scope the meter. The good part it's from the section that holds garbage not the main fence but I was a wee bit irritated.

Lugged home two backpacks and a tote bag today as I had to bring my computer bag and gym bag home.

Getting a new order from that will contain hummous and tzatzkiki (sp?). I can't wait. Plus some cauliflower, potatoes and a couple of other things. This weekend I plan to finish Jillian's book to find out the secret of my metabolism.

Will hit the gym this weekend and I'm planning on Saturday and Sunday.

Did an interview today where the hiring manager was describing her team and how they encourage people to be healthy and that they come up with goals to work on. They are a mighty fit group and she looks like a model. I did feel a little snuffleupagus sitting next to her. I realize that's all in my head but you can't help but to compare.

Of course this afternoon a few of us popped over the chinese bakery in search of coconut custard buns. Yeah...can't be doing that very often.
I've been debating on how to bring a yoga mat to site and then I realized that I could use my full size yogatoes...duh.
Alright that's all I got for now.

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