Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is there an Ark?

My two days at site were interesting, mainly because it rained non stop for two days. This place is mostly dirt but it was fascinating to see parts hold up to the rain really well and then one step landed in a whack of mud. Of course it stopped raining when I got on the plane to come home.

This was a good thing as I think it helped the forest fires of Fort McMurray. I heard there contained but pure rain for two days must have helped.

I'm a pretty easy going person but one of my major pet peeves is wet jeans. Well on Monday my jeans got wet, then dried, then wet, then dried, then really really wet, then dried. I was seriously at the point that I was going to change into my pajama pants at work because that was the only dry pants I had. Note to self - pack a pair of sweat pants. Other note to self - get rubber boots. Oh yeah I also had wet socks. It's different when this happens to you at home as you have all your stuff. I'm at site, I have whatever I packed.

I was sort of prepared I had my Monsoon MEC rain jacket and an umbrella. I gave my umbrella to someone else who only had hoodies and nothing water repellant.

Later I went to where I thought the bus that takes you to camp stops. I was wrong as I watched it turn off way before I was. It just stops where I was at 7pm. I was waiting at 6:30pm. It was totally pouring at this point but I had my umbrella back. I lovely angel of a person stopped his truck and asked if I needed a ride. Now if anyone did this in Calgary I'd say "Hell no" but this is site, a company vehicle and a fellow employee. The man was a life saver as the next shuttle wasn't coming for 30min. I must have looked pretty pathetic.

I got a message today that flowers are waiting for me on my desk. Two gerber daisies to be exact. I have no clue who would give me flowers. The coworker who told me about it said maybe it's a secret admirer. I guffawed out loud and typed back that it is most likely birthday related. I will find out tomorrow.

On tap for tomorrow is picking up a baby gift to bring to Fort Mac. Plus write my final paper. I must plan a fabulous intense workout on Friday or the weekend as tomorrow and Thursday are write offs.

Hope all of you are well - Hugs!

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