Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I do enjoy working at site but I also enjoy coming home.
Last night they had air conditioning at full blast (centralized) and it was freezing. I tried to block all the vents but no difference. I wound up sleeping in my hoody and added socks to my normal pjs. Of course everytime it turned on I woke up. Alas I will sleep well tonight.

My attempt to go the gym was foiled by no available equipment. They need a bigger gym.

Apart from that is was fantastic. On the plane home I came toe to toe with a mosquito. Now this was surely a buffet for him but I was not partaking and made multiple attempts at squashing his life. He gave up on me and went a row up. I had to wonder if it would be conscious of leaving the middle of nowhere and arriving in a huge metropolis. If he survived of course.

I will hit a treadmill tomorrow after work. Thursday I have a full day of work training and then meeting up with trainer. Friday will be another cardio day.

Next week is a schmozzle. Originally I'd be at site Mon and Tue, I have to be in Fort Mac on Thur. Then I'd thought I also had to be in Fort Mac on Wed. Now I might need to be in Fort Mac on Tues. That would be Tue and Thurs. My original plan was to stay in Northern Alberta Mon-Thurs. Now I'm not sure what to do but plans need to be made that's for sure.

Alright my friends I'm off to bed soon. Talk to you later.


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