Thursday, June 11, 2009

You'd make millions

As I was chatting with a co-worker today, telling her that I had a training session tonight. She commented on how dedicated I was. I looked at her said "not really".

It's funny when I'm on I am totally focused. When I'm off I'm so off that it takes awhile to get it together. So I said to her if only I could figure out what makes me fall off the wagon. She said "OMG you'd make millions".

So I walked into the gym in a rush as I left work a little late and when I arrived training had started. I could definitely feel the lack of training for 3 weeks but I'm happy with how much I retained.

We started with skipping rope for 2min
1min rest
2 min skipping rope (it's amazing how easy this is as a kid and not so much as an adult)

Then it was the usual 3 sets - 21 reps, 15 reps and 9 reps
Funky sit ups (soles together, towel under small of back)
Push ups (I was surprised how fast I did these)
Squats (prison style so you had your hands behind your head)

Knee Elbows
Walking lunges - 15lbs in each hand
Dumbell Press Up on the reclined bench

Dumbell Thrusters (15lbs in each hand)
Dumbell Swings (17.5lbs)
Ball drop (14.5lb medicine ball - smack into the ground as hard as you can)

Plank 45 sec, 21 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec
Plank 45 sec, 15 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec
Plank 45 sec, 15 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec

Then: Tabada Sit Ups
20 sec - as many sit ups as you can
10 sec rest
Repeat 8 times

OMG complete abdominal failure after round 4, I could hardly pull myself off the ground.
It did feel like a bit of 0-60 but I did it.

There were 3 of us girls and one guy tonight. I must say we kicked the guys patootie.

As I was doing it I kept thinking these exercises are relatively straight forward and easy to duplicate. I know I'll wake up uber sore tomorrow but I am motivated to keep going.

It was really good to see Trainer again. I have 20 sessions left so that an average of 20 weeks. That's like 5 months. All I have to do is create a few more sessions on my own.

Alright my friends that's all I got for tonight.
I heard a rumor that IGA sells Ezekiel bread so I might head over there tomorrow. I will be walking the neighbours dog again but a gym visit must be squeezed in.


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andrea. said...

Not sure if you know this, Ezekiel bread is kept in the freezer sections at grocery stores. It took me forever to find it because of that, I was always looking with the regular breads.

If you already knew that, then never mind! :)

Sounds like a fun workout! I love plank, and wall squats. Well, by 'love' I mean 'hate but in a good way.'