Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whoa was I knackered

I got home at 6:45pm yesterday and was in bed by 7pm. I slept straight until 3am and then kind of napped until my alarm went off.

OMG I was tired. While my 20min in Saskatoon was very pretty, gorgeous river you people have got I must say. The longer flight home didn't help.

Site was relatively uneventful thought for two days in a row the lunches were weird i.e. liver and onions. I checked out the salad bar. There was iceberg lettuce mixed with red cabbage, tomoatoes cut into quarters and huge pieces of cucumber. The rest were questionnable salads. I say questionnable because the were either shiny (oil) or creamy (bad). Another note to self was maybe bring some cup o' soup.

I was talking to someone and I guess they have the same saying as "Freshman 15" and that when people first get to site they can get a little crazy with food.

I'm kind of dreading Trainer tomorrow as it's be 3 weeks since I've seen him. Yes...3 weeks I too am amazed at how time flies. I feel like my physical fitness is back to zero, though that's probably not the case. I totally expect to get my patootie kicked. I'm also hoping to be inspired.

On the way home today I decided to try organic dairy even though I kringe at paying $6 for 2L of milk. Alas it's too late to order for Friday but I'll try it one day. I did order some Liberte yogurt flavours that I've never seen before i.e. black cherry and plum walnut.

I will share the gory training details with you tomorrow.


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