Friday, June 26, 2009

Good bye to bad habits

I've been treating the past few days as an opportunity to not be so careful with food choices. It's like a mental good bye to bad habits.

I'm taking this upcoming challenge rather seriously, not so much as a challenge but a good run at creating a habit. I'm also treating it like a clean slate. No more thoughts of what I should or could have done. I've decided to declare saturday mornings my weigh in day.

I'm looking forward to getting my weight loss mojo back. I realize I don't need a challenge to do that but it's nice to think that I won't be alone in this.

Pretty quiet day at work but a good opportunity to get organized as next week will only be a two day week. Stampede is in the air and I approach that with a wee bit of dread. I'm not crazy about dressing western and all those pancakes everywhere you go - I will be strong.

Had a great lunch with H and it was so nice to see her. I got back to my desk and there was an email from C. She's home for a visit from T.O, I'm so looking forward to seeing her.

Got my organic food order today and I was a bit surprised to find one tomato in the bin. I ordered a lb of roma tomatoes not one. I left there customer service a message, I don't thinks it fair for me to pay just under $4 for one tomato. I got the organic ground beef and it looks pretty grissly in the package. We'll see how that goes. Right now I have ground turkey defrosting in the fridge. I plan to make meatballs out of that - easy to portion and easy to heat up is my thinking.

I'm actually excited about grocery shopping as I'm gung ho to healthy meal plan.

My sore throat from yesterday is gone but felt a wee bit stuffed up today. I'm hoping good sleep takes care of everything.

Alright that's it for today.


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