Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do you have a preference?

So the other day I was talking to one of my co-workers and she has 5 prepaid training sessions left at the gym that half my floor goes to.

Her original trainer (male) is no longer there so they were trying to connect her with another trainer (female). She asked if me if my trainer (male) had any open spots in his group sessions.

She told me she preferred a male trainer and seems to get more out of it in terms of workout and motivation.

This got me thinking. You see I always read my two friends blogs H and C (well C I know we don't know each other that well but you're fun so I like to think of you as a friend). They are currently doing a boot camp and loving it (judging by what they post) and working with a male trainer.

I tried to do this boot camp a while back and absolutely hated it. The trainer was female. The fact that is was lead by woman wasn't the reason I hated it but I didn't really connect with her style.

After the boot camp experinece I joined the gym and got a personal trainer. This was the first time I've ever worked with a male trainer. I heart my trainer and his group sessions are very boot camp in that it's go go go, push push push and focuses on exercises that use your whole body not static weights. I love the group sessions, it helps me push harder and inspires me do so too. What I adore about him is he pushes me to do things I didn't I think I could do. The entire group is women but he talks like we're his athletes and is very likely to high five or pound fist with you on an achievement.

I have to admit I think prefer a male trainer too. I get more oomph from working with a guy and I don't know what is. Gender alone isn't going to make you heart your trainer it's all about the connection you have. I look around the gym and see the other trainers I know that if mine were to leave I'd be switching to one of the boys. I see all the trainers with their clients and I like the styles of the guys better than the girls. I know this is crazty. I know there are absolutely amazing female trainers i.e. Jillian. You know when I compare Jillian's style to the guy trainers in my gym there are similarities.

I'm wondering do you have a preference?


Carol said...

I haven't had a female trainer to compare to, but agree that connection with the trainer is a very integral part of the whole process, whether it's Boot Camp or not. I do heart our trainer, Josh, mainly because he pushes us but knows enough to read us all and stop us from hurting ourselves. I've watched some of the trainers at lunch, and there's some of the women that I just want to gag, as they think screeching is somehow inspiring...but it could just be me. I also don't let women touch my hair!!

Fatinah said...

when I worked with a personal trainer last year (only stopped because she left our Club to go work at Talisman) it was with a woman and I just loved her. I think it's more the trainer's style of training that makes the difference to me. I need someone that isn't going to spend the hour chatty. I haven't found someone to take her place.... :-(