Friday, May 29, 2009

Running around and practice safe sun

I did get up early and got my errand done back home by 8:30am. Slapped on sunscreen and waited 30min (if you just slap and go it won't protect you as well).

Then I headed outside and worked on my flower beds, pulling out all the dead stuff plus the weeds that had already invaded.

Next I turned all the soil over with a shovel and I have big flower beds. A mosquite was after me so I quickly ran in grabbed the OFF and headed back out again.

It was getting pretty hot and heading close to 11am (I try not to venture outside from 11-3 when the UV index is high and it is today) so I decided to set the sprinkler super close to the beds so it could do the watering. Luckily the flower beds are in a shaddy spot.

Then after I felt it had watered enough I raked over the beds to makes sure the big dry chunks of dirt were soft and the soil was even.

I've tidied up the house but I still need to vacuum and I still need to mow the lawn. I think I'll do the lawn around 4pm and between now and then and afterwards focus on the house stuff.

It's now almost 2pm and still no delivery from I double checked their website and it says they deliver between 9am and 9pm. I'm really hoping it's not 9pm because after all the stuff I've been doing today I suspect I'll be falling asleep by then.

I am looking forward to having gorgeous flowers to look at.

Enjoy your day


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