Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home again

It's good to be home I must say. My plan to go to bed early on Sunday didn't quite happen as I got caught up in True Blood. There is one episode remaining on the disk and it's a miracle I didn't stay up even later to watch it. I think I'll save it for tomorrow because now all I want to do is watch season 2.

If you're a fan of the tv series the books are different. For one thing Tara has a far bigger role in the series, Jason never kidnaps a vampire nor dates anyone named Ami, nor gets hooked on V.
I can't say I care for the Tara character as I find her a bit much. Lafayette has a far bigger role in the series too. So don't be worried that the books will wreck your appreciation of the series. I find them different.

Now I kind of want to re-read the series.

Now I've got two long days behind me and I'm tired.

Work was good but I've got a busy two days ahead of me, which is fine but will mean I'm counting down to Friday.

I didn't track yesterday or today as I found it super difficult when you can't control your own food. I did come up with a plan though and the next time I head to site I'm bringing figure friendly snacks to store in my desk there. You see they have very set meal times and if you wait to eat until your crazy hungry the decisions are not wise. I just kept in mind to have a hearty serving of vegetables.

I've kind of moved into a desk that isn't technically mine, the office belongs to someone else but there's an extra desk. We get along super well so they're going along with my plan including the healthy snack plan.

Alright that's all I got for tonight my friends.


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