Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well well well

Since I began tracking at and using Daily Plate a week ago I've dropped 4lbs.
Nice, I must say.

Maybe a different way of tracking is what I was waiting for?

The trick is to keep it at it of course. I've yet to hit the gym since the last training session and my primary activity has been just generally racing around as I've been busy.

So this week the focus will be getting some planned workouts in. The weather will be super nice this weekend so that will probably take place outside.

Had a great day at work. It talked to my boss and she told me she was getting all this positive feedback about me. One of my hiring managers (who I didn't think liked me very much) wrote this really nice email about my dedication to their group. That was so nice.

I went to pick up my package yesterday and it was from Amazon. As I was standing there showing the woman my i.d, the delivery guy says is that slip from today. I told him no, it was from yesterday. Then he tells me that he was at my house today and to wait a second. So he disappears into the back and comes back with the box from The Body Shop.

I was so happy, one trip for me.

Little disappointed with Body Shop as one of the items I ordered is missing so I emailed them and send either send it or refund my money. I did get the Aloe Skin Care travel kit. I've tried the moisturizers before and really like them. The kit came with the cleanser and toner as well. Tried them last night and I quite liked it. I've got stuff to use up before I'd need to restock on cleanser and toner but it's got me thinking.

I started reading Jillian Micheal's Master Your Metabolism last night. I think this will be an insightful read for sure.

Off to finally see Star Trek today so I'm excited about that.

Alright I might be back later.

Have a fantastic Saturday.



Kelly said...

4 pounds in 1 week is awesome. I'm jealous!

I started Jillian's book too. Pretty scary stuff. I just don't know how "natural" I can be in my eating. We'll see. :)

Fatinah said...

congrats on your loss - sometimes we just need a change.

enjoy Star Trek - I liked it so much I'm going to see it on the big screen again!

Oh, and can you believe how nice it is out today!