Sunday, May 10, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged in awhile

It's been a busy week and by the time I get home I've been exhausted.

So my two days at site were fine, super long day Monday. Up at 3:30am, finished work at 6pm and in bed by a quarter to 8. I stayed in a camp directly on site this time and I think I prefer the one that's 20min away. All night I could hear trucks driving by and because this is a 24hr kind of workplace I heard people coming and going. Then I heard rain, and started to think all I had with me were running shoes. There's a lot of dirt on site. Alas it wasn't that muddy.

Food options were so so, not super healthy but on Tuesday I discovered a section of the kitchen were you can pack your own lunch. It was funny when I went for dinner on Monday I kept seeing people walk by me with bags of fruit and I was wondering where they got that from.

The take off, land, take off, land gave me a bit of an upset stomach and then hopping into a cab home didn't help on Tuesday so while I got home by 7pm I skipped yoga as I was totally exhausted.

Wednesday and Thursday I had interviews all day, had an achy tummy all day Thursday (no idea why) and opted not to go see Trainer. I emailed to tell him around lunch time to tell him I wasn't feeling well but I'd see how the day went. By 4pm I wasn't feeling any better. So I went home had some alka seltzer and felt better. I'm starting to think it was a bad idea signing up for more sessions with a crazier schedule. I'll go this coming Thursday but next Thursday I'm on site for 3 days so I won't be here.

By Friday I had a whack of admin stuff to do. I had to go straight home to clean my house as my Dad decided to come in for a visit on Saturday. Which is great, but my house was a disaster.

Today I'm heading to the gym when it opens and picking up some ear plugs to take with me tomorrow. I'm walking the neighbours dog at 2pm and I would like to get a yoga practice in. Laundry is being done as I type. The good thing about cleaning on Friday means my house is now clean so I don't need to do it today.

The scale is not my friend and I can't blame it. It's my own bloody fault, I need to get my act together and really focus on the basics to get back on track. Like tracking, just being conscious of what I eat and when I eat is the focus for the week. The good thing about site is you have to walk everywhere.

So day one begins today, back to basics and one step at a time.


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Bi0nicw0man said...

Geeze, I thought I was busy lately but look at you. Nutty!!!