Thursday, May 14, 2009

Return of the trainer workout

I have to admit I was a wee nervous heading to training session today as it's been awhile.

Warm up was 800m on the treadmill - I walked at 4.0 miles, incline 1.5%

Then it was the following - 3 sets
32 sit ups
22 push ups
12 dumbell squats with two 20lb dumbells

Back to treadmill for 800m - This time I walked 100m, ran 100m alternating

Then it was the following - 3 sets
32 Squats
22 shoulder lifts - 25lbs - 11 with a straight bar, 11 with two 12.5lb dumbells (the two dumbells were torture)
12 sumo deadlifts but with a kettlebell (40lbs)

I was wiped when we were done that's for sure. I did it without falling over.
I'm kind of proud of myself that I chose to run on the treadmill after the first set of exercises.

They started this stupid sign in procedure. Normally you swipe your card. Now you swipe your card and the reception person has to print a chit that you take back and give to your trainer. This is replacing the sign out in the binder procedure.

Well I arrive and there's no one at the desk so someone finally comes along and lets me scan the card. I go back to trainer and get told about the new procedure. So as I head to the treadmills I stop off at the desk. It took two people to figure out the new procedure. Apparently they're trying to be more efficient...yeah that's really working.

Now the interesting thing is he's not having any sessions next week and the week after I have to be in Fort McMurray on Thursday so that's two weeks of no trainer workouts.

I asked him to email me homework.

My amazon package should be shipped next week and I'm really looking forward to reading Jillian Micheal's new book.

I was a wee disapointed that Helen won Biggest Loser. Good for her and she did something great but I thought she looked a little gaunt. The majority people accomplished some fantastic things on their own. That's truly inspiring I must say. What was up with the tanning, they were all weirdly bronze.

I'm beyond excited that I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. So off to a hot bath and bed am I.


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Kelly said...

Sounds like an intense workout! Impressive. :)