Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more planes for this week

Oy vey it's been a rough week food wise. Planes and 10-12hr days totally play havoc with your system.

I didn't plan it well and the scale showed that just now. It's a war not a battle so no biggy it just means I have to be better prepared for glitches in the plan.

So starting with planning snacks into my day at site so I'm not crazy hungry when mealtimes roll around. It means skipping the lemon poppy side loaf on the plane in favour of a better quality breakfast I can get arriving on site. Maybe a banana in the morning to get the metabolism going.

It means having some Smart Ones in the freezer so when I get home there's a somewhat healthy fast option.

I'm kind of excited about my organic veggie/fruit delivery that's coming tomorrow I'm sure that will be inspirational.

I also realized it's a lot easier to track what you're eating when the variables are simple like veggie, fruit, protein, starch as opposed to options like baked cheesy pasta.

It means making workouts a priority. Trainer returns next Thursday and I'm thrilled about that.

It means remembering to pack my water bottle because if it's not in front of me I'm definitely not drinking enough.

Tomorrow will be filled with tons of activity as I have yard work and house work to do before my dad arrives with flowers on Saturday.

I need to zip downtown in the morning to pick something up so I'm heading out early. Yes, it's a day off and I'll be setting the alarm.

So this is the dusting myself off part...


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