Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to a good start

So yesterday was a bit of treat day for me. I had the kid's combo at the movie theater and then later a Tim Horton's Ice Capp and a donut. I did track everything on Daily Plate and clocked in about 350 calories over what I was supposed to eat.

That means today we go right back on track. I just took the neighbours dog for a 5km walk. I punched in my breakfast beforehand and just now put in my activity and I'm at a -4 calories so far today.

You see on daily plate I've set my activity to light as I do work a desk job so it calculates my daily calories on little movement. When I do exercise it recommends I eat what I've burned. If I set myself to higher activity level it increases the number of calories per day to compensate.

So I have a full day of calories to eat today. I was planning on going a little lower due to treat day yesterday.

The sprinkler is now on and I've got laundry in the dryer. The rest of my activity today will be housework related.

I've been watching the True Blood series and it's different than imagined from reading the books. Some of the parts are the same but some are entirely different. Not sure how I feel about that but I'm only on episode 3.

I'm back to my normal flying schedule so it will be a very early morning tomorrow. The goal to have everything organized and in bed early.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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Bi0nicw0man said...

I freaking LOVE the TV series of True Blood...and had wanted to read the books, but I'm worried that they will ruin the show for me. Dilemna!