Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Work

I hate yard work but I like having a yard so I just suck it up.

Bright and early this morning I went grocery shopping and I tested out my shopping cart for the first time. It did well and it was a joy not to be carrying those groceries on my back.

Then I headed outside and did some raking. I have spruce trees on my lawn and there are about a bizillion pine cones on my lawn. There's no way I can get them all of the lawn but I got a few. I then mowed the lawn as the edges were getting crazy high. I then tackled trimming my lilac tree. I debated putting fertilizer on my lawn but I don't really want to run my sprinkler if it's going to rain/snow tomorrow.

If it snows I'm flinging the fertilizer on the snow.

Now that this is all done I want a nap. I should still do laundry but I can have a rest.

So my workout today was walking to and from the grocery store and about 3 hrs of yard work.

Still pretty impressed with the Daily Plate tracking. I had bite size Cheemo perogies for lunch and it was in there. I was surprised. It even has Squirrely Bread.

Tomorrow I'll write the paper that's due on Tuesday.

Happy Long Weekend.


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