Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well it's done

I was out the door at 7am today and off to the University to write the test. Ran into a co-worker from Fort Mac who was also writing this test for the 2nd time. We made a pledge to high five each other assuming we both make it to the next test. It was nice to see a familiar face.

As I was sitting there waiting for the test to begin another co-worker sat next to me for a quick chat. I've worked with this guy twice actually but I had no idea he was writing. He took the week off to study. Yeah I did that last time and it didn't help.

The test itself was alright, I took it slow and when I got to the last question I went back and reviewed them one more time. I caught about 8 questions that I decided to change my answer as questions along the way sometimes gave you answers. We all won't know until July 2nd ish if we passed. Fort Mac co-worker said he wanted to be back in October to write the next level test and I want that too. I have no feeling of I aced it or I failed it.

I stopped off at the University food court as I was starving by 11:30. Ate lunch there and headed from home. That is a busy place on the weekend. I saw loads of teenage volleyball players and many in traditional Indian outfits so there were numerous events going on.

Went home and started to write the paper. I just submitted it. I don't feel it's my best work but I'm getting the feeling this class is a little loosy goosy as the instructor emailed today that we could ask for an extension and that he wasn't sticky about assignment due dates. The thing was supposed to be due today. I thought about asking to defer it but then said hell no I'll just do it. I put a picture from my company website (it's allowed) so hopefully my ability to cut and paste will somehow impress this dude.

I do feel relief that the test is out of my head and now feel I can focus on other things like exercise. Next assignment isn't due until the 20th. I want to hit the gym tomorrow. Laundry needs to be done tonight and I must have a shopping list done. It's nice weather today but I'll go grocery shopping early as the gym doesn't open until 11 and by then the grocery store will be nuts.

I bought the newest James Bond movie and haven't watched it yet so I think that's my plan for this evening.

Hugs and hope you all had a nice Saturday.

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